Change the Way You Age ~ Workshop Cirque-It Fitness

When: October 6th 2018

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Maneuver: “a procedure or method of working involving expert physical movement” Merriam Webster Dictionary.

The Heizer Maneuver: Ann was inspired to develop this movement after watching many people, over many years getting down onto the floor and back up again (with difficulty)!

This technique promotes conscious movement that combines integrating gravity, technique and intention that the body ‘learns’ with very little practice.

The Heizer Maneuver enlists physics and gravity and the entire body to work for you rather than against you. You are empowered to feel graceful, powerful and elegant. Any reluctance to get down onto the floor is overcome by knowing the way back up.          ********

This opens up a world of Grounded XT™ exercises that can be done on the floor.



Widen stand to just beyond shoulder width and stagger the feet by stepping on leg back about 18 inches.
*DRILL: Side squats with weight equally distributed

Bend over at the waist (with abdominals engaged) and reach toward the floor ~ pushing the hips back as the knees bend. *CATCH knees and hold with every finger, elbows straight and work shoulder girdle in full ROM.
Use your own knee, a chair or a bed or support if necessary.

*SWIVEL on the ball of the foot so that feet face the same direction. Keep bending and keep the front knee over the heel to avoid stress on the knee. CATCH the front knee and lift the back heel to lower the knee down or

Place both hands down ~ on the knee or a chair and lower the knees to the ground. Once on the hands and knees ~ distribute weight evenly with hands under the shoulders and knees under the hips.
*DRILL: Bird/Dog, LeverAge Planks, Stretches

Sit to one side, holding onto the legs for support with the free hand.
Gently lower to one elbow and lie on the side ~ rolling over onto the back and flat on the floor.
SUPINE: Bridges, Boat, GRIP strength, Stretch with LeverAge curl, Primal tricep
To roll over onto the tummy: Bend 1 knee and stretch the opposite leg and arm above the head. By pushing through the foot of the bent leg ~ the body rolls over easily. The straight arm and leg indicate the direction of the roll.
Momentum helps to facilitate the easy roll over without the arm acting as a “brake”.
Once on the tummy (PRONE) roll side to side to bring the elbows under the shoulders
*DRILL: Shoulder girdle ROM with elbows under shoulders, Pressing elbows to Half Plank, Curling toes to full leg plank, Skydiver, Toes down UpDog to swivel elbows.
*Shifting the weight from side to side will make this easier if there is limited upper body or core strength, or if there are presenting knee, hip or back conditions.

Once on the hands and knees: Figure out which knee comes forward more easily OR which leg is the strongest and curl the opposite TOES under
MOST IMPORTANT: Once the toes is curled, rock back onto it and feel the stretch in the sole of the foot. KEEP TOE CURLED UNDER.
To bring the opposite knee forward: walk the hands out to the side of the curled toes (diagonally) and bring the foot forward to place it close to the other foot as possible. Walking the hands out (and back) will make it easier to bring the knee forward.
Place the front foot and bring the hands back to center ~ placing on or both hands on the front knee or a chair, bed or sofa.
Recruit the WHOLE body to rise VERTICALLY, especially the arms ~ moving back ward and up onto the back curled toe and “mooning” the hips backward while straightening the legs and using the arms as well. The bag leg is now able to participate in this movement.
Instead of lurching forward, the path is more vertical, slightly backward and infinitely more elegant.

Result: A fluid, integrated, easy and graceful movement to standing. Confidence in the new established brain pathways and increased kinesthetic awareness.