TAKE ME FOR A “TEST DRIVE”: Let’s spend 3 weeks together!

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Every week meet with me on Zoom: Live personal sessions
2 x 30 min sessions weekly ~ One on One


  • Improve range of motion, confidence, energy levels and quality of sleep
  • Learn stress management, body sense and breathing techniques
  • Discover your own UNIQUE “Muscle Memory Bank” and learn how to use it!
  • Increase your strength and flexibility and enhance your Quality of Life!
  • Receive worksheets each week and all recordings to download
  • Get a free copy of my e-book: “LeverAge: Changing the Paradigm of Aging
  • Access the MOVEMENT MOTIVATION and MORE Facebook Group

Take control of your physical future NOW! I’M READY!

With over 35 years of experience as a group fitness and personal training expert, Ann merges her passion for teaching older adults and athletes alike, combining balance, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise, “Muscle Memory” and brain fitness to the routines she teaches.
Creator of the Grounded and LeverAge Methods, Ann celebrated the big 60th birthday (4.30.21) with the release of her first e-book on Amazon!

Get it here: www.bitly.com/leveragemethod