Where did the time go?’ Johnny Clegg 1953-2019

Welcome to my blog!
As we all experience the collective uncertainty reaching very corner of the globe in this moment, well into the Covid19 experience and being just 8 months away from 60, the most compelling part of my life is just beginning.

Experiences come with the choice of wisdom and understanding, and ever before have we all been faced with our Selves in such a comprehensive way. Choice is always ours.

Bombarded by the internet, social media and consumable content ~ the stress of sudden, forced change has triggered in many of us an urgency to share what we know about our ‘dark night of the soul’ experiences ~ also known as the great awakening to our bigger purpose for being here.

Even if, like me you’ve been doing everything in your power to escape it, now is the time to share your gift with the world!

If I can help one person realize the gift that they are, the experience did its job.

Finally: I get to love and take myself seriously, really share my story, and help people see the miracle of the human organism and the multiple ways in which you can affect the aging process by bringing you the tried and true products, methods and tools that I have personally used to change the way that I age, and often, the very people who created them.

Starting with the launching of my YouTube channel and bringing you the recorded interviews with legends in the wellness world and the genius minds who originate these programs, along with presenting my very own Grounded and LeverAge Methods.

I get to share the information and education that can add quality of life to seniors by simply sharing these methods with them and in one sitting, letting them leave with new awareness of what they have always known.

You get to hear how I went from being hopeless and determined to dig as deep as I could into the darkness ~ to passionately shining the light on what helped me get back to my truth, stand up and start to share it. 

Will you join me?

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